M.E. Lozovskaja, N.A. Nikiforenko, L.V. Klochkova, E.B. Vasilyeva, A.V. Mosina

Clinical and epidemiological features of tuberculosis in young children in Saint Petersburg


M.Y. Fomina, T.V. Melashenko, O.I. Pavlova

Neonatal seizures in term infants: clinical and electrophysiological features

E.V. Timofeev, Ch.A. Abdalieva, E.V. Zemtsovsky

Experience using internet-ECG to optimize the patients hospitalization duration with acute myocardial infarction

O.A. Kryukova, N.N. Matysheva, A.N. Drygin

Food sensitization in patients with diseases of the digestive system

V. Volkhina, E.G. Butolin, E.A. Skvorsova

Effect of lipoic acid on the exchange of sialo-containing compounds in rats blood plasma with alloxan diabet

I. Vasilevsky, S.G. Balandov, A.M. Ignashov, К.А. Аnisimova, L.I. Davletbaeva

Surgical treatment combination of gastroesophageal reflux disease and celiac trunk compression syndrome

A.E. Sattarov, N.R. Karelina

Features of growth processes in boys and youths of various proportions and constitution types living in the south part of Kyrgyzstan

T.I. Nelunova, T.E. Burtseva, N.M. Gogolev, V.G. Chasnyk, V.I. Orel, N.А. Gureva

The incidence and structure of congenital heart diseases in newborns in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

A.A. Pashkevich, V.N. Kovalev, M.I. Nikitina, I.V. Kaistrya, V.V. Dorofeikov, L.A. Zhelenina, M.M. Kostik

Evaluation of the effectiveness of vitamin D deficiency correction in children with cystic fibrosis in St. Petersburg: results of a 12-month prospective study


O.V. Lagno, E.V. Plotnikova, N.P. Shabalov

To the question about premature adrenarche at girls (the literature review)

M.F. Ippolitova, E.S. Mikhailin, L.A. Ivanova

Health and social care of minors in pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period

Yu.S. Aleksandrovich, D.V. Prometnoy, K.V. Pshenisnov, G.E. Ulrikh, S.N. Nezabudkin, D.D. Kupatadze, A.V. Podkamenev

The systems of prevention of complications at patients of high risk


A.A. Sidikov, D.V. Zaslavsky, Yu.S. Egorova, I.N. Chuprov, Ya.Yu. Gurkovskayа, M.N. Fomenko, M.A. Zubatov, R.A. Nasyrov, E.V. Grekova

Сlinical case of a Erythroderma induced by fibrogastroduodenoscopy

.V. Kozhadey, S.V. Grechanyi

Psychotic disorders of postpartum period as states of potential threat to newborn’s life and health (clinical case analysis)

Z.V. Davydova, A.V. Sobolev, O.V. Sokolova

Layell syndrome: difficulties of diagnostics

A.V. Podkamenev, S.A. Karavaeva, I.V. Mysnikova, A.R. Syrtsova, R.A. Ti, O.F. Pozdnyakova, G.V. Kondratiev, D.D. Kupatadze, A.G. Lee, I.V. Nazarova

Acute thymic hemorrhage, simulating an anterior mediastinal mass, as a complication of hemorrhagic disease of the newborn


N.N. Sokolova, V.S. Tarkhanov, E.A. Denisova, A.V. Petrakova, E.A. Stus

On the issue of differential diagnosis of childhood autism and childhood schizophrenia (clinical psychological evaluation of the case)


N.P. Shabalov, Yu.S. Aleksandrovich

Eduard Kuzmich Tsybul’kin the founder of critical and emergency care for children in Leningrad – Saint Petersburg

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