E.V. Sergeeva, S.I. Petrova

Community-acquired pneumonia in children. The modern features


L.Yu. Zhukova, A.V. Khartchev, O.L. Kolobova, N.E. Sokolova, A.N. Tarasenko

Iron deficiency anemia in children younger than 1 year: the search for the formula of success of outpatient management of patients

V.A. Kolmyk, R.A. Nasyrov, G.F. Kutusheva, V.V. Petrov, S.G. Grigoryev

Immunohistochemical value to treat patients with chronic endometritis

Y.L. Skorodok, M.N. Yakovleva, A.V. Gostimsky, L.A. Zhelenina

The features and diagnostics of differentiated thyroid carcinoma of children and adolescents

I.M. Trukhmanov, G.A. Suslova

Working out of new examination method and dynamical assessment of primary school-aged children with postural abnormality based clinicalinstrumental analysis

I.B. Ershova, I.A. Lokhmatova

Features of asthenic syndrome in children with ascariasis

A.V. Santimov, A.V. Kolobov, V.E. Karev, O.L. Kolobova, M.M. Kostik, M.F. Dubko, O.V. Kalashnikova, V.V. Masalova, L.S. Snegireva, N.L. Volkova, A.A. Khvatov, M.B. Belogurova, V.G. Chasnyk

Expression of CD68 and Fas Ligand in Colon Mucosa of Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease as Prognostic Markers of Cancerogenesis

K.A. Belskaya, Y.V. Surovitskaya, S.A. Lytaev

Spatio-Temporal EEG Markers for Recognition Auditory Images in Norm and Psychopathology

S.A. Lytaev, E.A. Tolstova

Vegetative Status with Arterial Hypertension in the Indigenous Population of the Far North and Migrants

V.G. Arsentev, E.A. Voloshina, E.V. Vyutrih, Y.S. Sergeev, N.P. Shabalov

Constitutional features of connective tissue as a risk factor of chronic pain in adolescents

S.V. Reeva

Assessment of vegetative regulation in young people

A.S. Rudoy, A.M. Uryvaev

Functional dyspepsia through chronic gastritis in patients with marfan syndrome and marfan-like states

N.K. Gadjiev, S.S. Brovkin, V.E. Grigorev, V.V. Dmitriev, V.A. Malhasyan, D.D. Skarupa, A.V. Pisarev, D.V. Mazurenko, V.M. Obidnyak, S.V. Popov, N.S. Tagirov, V.D. Korol, S.B. Petrov

Metaphylaxis of stone disease in smartphone or Russian mHEALTH

A.F. Аrutyunyan, S.N. Gaydukov, V.N. Kustarov

Ontemporary aspects of pathogenetically substantiated therapy of adenomyosis

N.A. Treskina, A.P. Polyakova, O.Ya. Volkova, V.E. Vasilyev, Y.V. Petrenko, D.O. Ivanov

Microchimerism in children with perinatal pathology

K.F. Islamova, D.O. Ivanov, Yu.V. Petrenko, E.A. Kuzina

Hormonal regulation of postnatal growth from birth to age six months in small-for-gestational — age children


V.F. Privorotskii, N.E. Luppova

Pancreatic type dysfunction of Oddi sphincter in children

O.V. Ryazanova, Yu.S. Aleksandrovich, E.M. Shifman, K.V. Pshenisnov, V.A. Reznik, A.V. Kulikov, A.N. Drobinskaya

Modern aspects of uterine bleeding treatment with placenta previa

N.А. Oleinik, F.P. Romanyuk

Follow-up study a children who are disordered pneumonia


E.Y. Petrova, M.A. Pakhomova

Psychological rehabilitation of patients with physical trauma consequences by means of micro-motion reactions restoration method


A.S. Levina, I.V. Babachenko, S.N. Chuprova, N.V. Kochevaya, E.V. Sharipova, O.M. Ibragimova

Case of heart disease in mixed streptococcal and Epstein–Barr virus infection

N.B. Platonova

Allergy to cow’s milk protein

T.V. Melashenko, A.V. Pozdnyakov, T.A. Alexandrov

Neuroimaging of full term newborn´s brain with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy


S.A. Lytaev, A.P. Pugovkin

Memory for Yuri Petrovich Pushkarev (the 80th anniversary)

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